If you’ve heard him, you know the passion! Italo Savaglio was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to a mother and father immigrating from Italy. With humble beginnings as his inspiration, Italo realized his gift for the guitar when he was four years old honing his craft ever since. Having been dubbed “IT” by his family, he set out to ensure that the notes that flew from his fingers were nothing short of worthy. Having classical, rock, and progressive influences, combined with an energetic presence, Italo is the representation of everything that has been great about improve/instrumental music in the past.

Musician/Session Player/Producer

Kem Hess lives in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. Born into a musical family, he taught himself to play guitar when he was eighteen years old. He has never had a music lesson, playing instead ‘by ear’. Kem realized that if he was ever going to explore his musical gift fully he had to start writing his own music. He founded numerous original bands and has an extensive library of material.

Italo Savaglio – Calling (Music Video)

Two Side Divide – Giving Up (Music Video)