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Our focus is to manage the media distribution part, which is crucial to your publicity. Additionally, we deliver artist support, which basically means managing your marketing, promotion and licensing. We also can help with studio access, which includes, recording, mixing and mastering,




1How can I submit a demo?
You can submit a demo through any digital medium. You can either have it mailed to us or have it hand-delivered. The idea is for us to review the music you have created, and we will get back to you with a review.
2Are you currently looking for artists?
We absolutely are looking for artists. We’re on the lookout for new talent that we can put into the spotlight. We know there’s abundant talent waiting to be discovered, and we encourage solo artists and bands to come forward with their material so that we can help promote you.
3What support can you provide?
Having spent years in the music industry, exploring the latest and most effective techniques, we’re geared to cater to your distribution and promotional needs. However, this is not all that we do.