About Us

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We describe ourselves as an independent record label with an avid interest in promoting new talent. We’re fascinated with music and putting people in the spotlight when they deserve to be there. We have spent years in the music industry and are extremely passionate about branding music for your audience.

What We Do!!

When we speak of promoting music, we are biased to all genres, and we believe in promoting your music with the highest standards. With our experience and expert knowledge of the industry as well as a deep understanding of the emotional energy that musicians resonate, we know what you’re looking for.

We Fulfill Your Passion

We believe in distributing and promoting your music so that the world sees the entire package as a part of your immense personality and the ideals you stand for. In other words, we help you put across the message you want without any dilution.

What we give you is high level promotional support for your target audience. Along with promoting you as an artist, we make sure we sustain distribution through the right channels in order to keep the flame of your success burning for an extended period.